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History of Smart City Day

The Smart City Day was launched in 2014 to support Swiss cities and municipalities in their efforts to become more efficient, ecological, smart and resilient, while offering a high quality of life and services to their citizens. The event responds to the needs of the Smart City ecosystem in Switzerland, with topics relevant to the needs of municipalities. Since its beginnings focused on the digitalization of the city and on the opportunities offered by technical solutions, the vision of a Smart City has evolved and today places the citizen at the center. Since 2020, the event has been built around the questions brought by cities, providing answers to them through roundtables. Conferences, networking, startup pitches, demonstrations and exhibitions are also on the agenda!


Collective participation, collaboration and innovation are essential ingredients in making our cities smarter. We therefore created the Smart City Hack hackathons, followed by and then the Smart City Boost , a support process for cities that want to accelerate the realization of their Smart City vision.

Discover these events in pictures below!

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